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khiang jun quan

Submitted by: Jacqueline Teo

I write this letter on 4 Sept 2014.
My dearest son,jun quan. Do u still like sport car now? U having sport car?Or in working in cars industry? U like car so much,since you are 2 years old.U can recognize more than 20 type of car. U start with those premium car n sport car.when u turn 4,u start to learn honda ,Toyota.. Within 1 second of,u can know the car brand even without looking at front or back view of car.
Are you happy recently? U still remember mummy always ask u.Are u happy today?Cause mum wanna to make sure ur day are fill with happiness. No matter what happened,stay calm think positively. Keep urself in healthy lifestyle. Fulfill our day with happiness.
Do remember! I will always be there for u,a looking at u and take care of u. If mum is travel far far away, pls take care of our dad and jun ming.
Must keep good relationship with dad n jun ming,no matter what happened within 3 of u,must always forgive n respect to each other.
Mum and daddy love u.:)

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