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Nathaniel Kingsley

Submitted by: archibald frankie

Dear Son,

While writing this, I must say that it was quite a journey in the past 17 months. A journey somewhat I would like to call a very enriching in terms of how much I have discovered about being a dad and about life.

It was on that very day 17th of April 2013 that we welcomed you into this world. I was clueless but do not get me wrong, I was happy to have welcomed you and so do your mom. I was not there to witness all that but when I heard the news, I broke into tears. I am now a father.

I saw you for the first time when you were placed into that tubed like bed. I was mesmerized, for a moment cannot uttered a single word. Inside my heart, I was saying "that's my boy". You were so tiny. I was blessed, my dear child to have you.

It seems that my life will take a complete change. Things were no longer like the way it used to be, but it is okay. That is something that I can live with. If you are reading this, do note that I do love you. Just so you know.

I remember that I have to rushed back from a convention in PD because you got admitted for lung infections. You can imagine how worried sick I was and I bet your mom would have felt worst than what I have. It pained my heart to see you like that. I pray that these days will forever be gone from your life. I just do not want you to ever, go through that experience again.

How are you doing? I hope you are doing great now. By the time you are reading this I bet that you are a big man. Any girlfriend? Perhaps you can bring her over for dinner so that we can get to know each other.

Son, there are a lot of things in life that we need to learn and it may take ages to master. True enough. But one thing that I would like you to value more besides God and that is - happiness. It is just sonething that money cannot buy. Love, hope and faith. As long as you have these 3 with you. You will turn out good in which I believed you are.

I do hope, son that you will love as much as we haved loved you. Me and your mom had been and always will loved you till the end. Daddy is a man of few words but that does not mean I do not love you. Whatever is now, please note that daddy and mummy loves you so much.


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