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demi wong zi qing

Submitted by: Elsie Lim

my dearest zi qing.. aka demi wong my baby
this is a time capsule letter mummy would like you to have when you grown up.
as you are my darling born to me when i am 42, i really thank GOD for you have brighten the lives of everyone at home.
YOU are our "little monster", "prettiest princess" and love of our lives.
YOU are clever, witty and most of all brave to ask for what you want..
YOU are kind, passionate and caring towards others especially KONG KONG and POR POR.
For your life, i wish you
1) healthy and happy
2) work hard in whatever you do
3) travel the world and learn from everything and everyone you see and meet
4) be humble no matter how successful you are in monetary term, money is nothing.
5) be grateful for the life you have and, finally
6) be strong in whatever adverse situations you may be in.
I love you.

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