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Shi Reen

Submitted by: Jessie Yap

My dear Shi Reen,

Mama is writting you this letter while you are taking your nap. Mama is not good in writting but still I think I shall write you one.

From small you are not an "easy going" baby, from the complications Mama had during pregnancy till today where you still do not need a lot of sleep, sometimes its very tiring to look after you but Mama is sure it will get better and better soon. Papa and Mama are so happy to have you in the family, you changed our life and you give us happiness. Because of you, Mama learned how to be a better person. Because of you, Mama learned to be patient. Because of you, Mama will continue to be a good Mama. While you are learning how to be a toddler, Mama is also learning how to be a good Mama and how to be your good friend.

Papa and Mama might not be able to buy you expensive toys or luxurious trips/ holidays, but we are trying very hard to give you the best we can. No matter how hard it is, your happiness is our biggest motivation to move on. Papa and Mama want you to know we are always here for you. Time flies, you are now two and soon you'll be 3,4,5,6..... But no matter how old you are, you'll always be our baby.

Shi Reen, Papa and Mama hope you'll always be happy, healthy, cheeky, lovely.......

p/s : Mama will get Papa to write to you too :)

We love you so much.

Papa & Mama

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