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TBC - My sweet baby angel

Submitted by: Chermaine Poo

My dearest baby,

As you grow inside me, I am filled with enormous love for you, my sweet, innocent and beautiful baby.
Although Mommy is unwell during this time, my excitement has not once dwindled. Instead, Daddy and Mommy are excitedly anticipating your arrival.

Our awesome God answered our prayers by blessing us with you. You complete our family and we are overjoyed.

My baby, you are my greatest achievement aside from marrying your Daddy. You are my pride and joy.

My first child, I promise that I will always be there for you, to listen, guide, love and cherish you; to raise you with good values and beliefs. And that you will be a God fearing, happy and good person. My baby, you are the best version of both Daddy and I.

The time will come when I disciple you and may at times say no to your requests/demands, know that I do it out of love for you. In everything I do, I want only the best for you.

Always remember that Mommy loves you very, very, very much.

Today you are the size of a lemon. You've been very cheeky and active, so very cute...I'm in tears every time I see you. In May 2015, we will receive you. Everyone in the family is overjoyed and we are all very excited to meet you!

Now, continue to grow well, be healthy and be the perfect child that you are. May God bless and watch over you baby.

Mommy loves you, my sweet angel...

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